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13-competitive Minecraft version

The two most important aspects of the Interwerk, which is both a game and a piece of music can be guessed by its name. Firstly, there should be a winner at the end, and secondly, the entire work should take place in Minecraft. It has been built on the ScoreFollower Minecraft server and is based on composition 13. The big challenge in designing the work was that the server is played in survival mode. Thus, every building block has to be collected from the surrounding environment, crafted and placed one by one.
The building process starts with terraforming to make space for the construction. Then the layout of the field is determined and the loops are placed under the respective platforms. Next, the design of the game board is laid out. The last step is the design and construction of the exterior and interior.

The game has a total of twenty-six platforms. Two of these always trigger the same loop. The two platforms that do not trigger a loop are the start and finish. Each platform also has a dropper right next to it, which is filled with nine differently named pieces of paper. These are labelled with different numbers. By pressing a button, a piece of paper is ejected and the respective player must move forwards or backwards by the corresponding number of the spaces.

The dice droppers are filled as follows:

platforms 13 website_edited.jpg

The loops are connected to the following platforms:

Liste welche Loops zu welchen Feldern gehören

Start of the game and turn

The order of the players is determined by activating the colour dropper. The player whose colour is dealt first is also the first player to start. This process is repeated until all player colours have been dealt and the order has been determined.
Each player's turn consists of activating the respective dice dropper on the platform, putting the paper back into the dropper and moving the playing piece forwards or backwards. 
If a piece enters a platform on which another piece is already standing, the standing player must move back to the next free platform, but no further than the starting square.

End of the game and objective 


The objective of the game is to be the first to reach the final platform. The game ends as soon as the first player reaches the finish platform. All players must then leave the pressure plates or the respective platforms as quickly as possible.


Noten der Loops von Stück 13 Minecraft version
Noten der Loops von Stück 13 Minecraft version
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